9 December 2012

Information Value

Song : Married Life from the movie Up!

(From here on "want" and "will" have been used interchangeably. Also, answers can be given in a logically inconsistent manner ie: you can get divorced w/o getting married, you can think about corporal punishment even if you don't have kids etc.)

Ask Yourself :

1. About Progeny
  • Do you want to have kids?
  • Would you be okay with any gender / any disability / whatever God gives you?
  • Have you ever thought of what you'll call 'em?
  •  Do you expect them to take care of you when you are old and aging?
  • Will you use corporal punishment?
  • Will you do their homework and clean their diapers?
  • Do you think children are overrated?

2. About Love
  • Do you think you know what Love means?
  • Have you ever been in Love?
  • Do you think Love happens only once? Have you fallen in love multiple times?
  • Do you think you will ever fall in Love?
  • Will you marry?
  • Will you get divorced?
  • Do you think Love is overrated?

3. About Life 
  • Do you think Life has a purpose?
  • Do you know that purpose?
  • Will you commit suicide?
  • If in deep pain, will you agree to voluntary euthanasia?
  • If in deep pain, will you agree to euthanise your parents/grandparents? (Assume that you have never had a conversation with them regarding this and that you don't have their consent)
  • Will you take care of your parents when they are old and aging? Will you clean their diapers?
  • Do you think "to have never been born is the greatest boon of all" ?

4. About Sex
  • Do you think you'll cheat on your partner?
  • Are you okay with Friends with Benefits?
  • Are you okay if your friends with benefit is friends with benefit with someone else? (assume if you are and aren't friends with benefit with someone other than him/her)
  • Are you more likely to be okay if a man had more friends with benefits than a woman?
  • Will you ever pay for sex?
  • Will you ever provide sexual services for a fee?
  • Do you think Sex is overrated?

5. About God
  • Do you believe in God / Powerful entity / Soul?
  • Do you think God is fair?
  • Do you think God is rational?
  • Do you think God is not angry at atheists?
  • Do you believe in Karma?
  • Do you believe in Afterlife?
  • Do you think Religion is important?
  • Do you think God is overrated?

6. About Yourself
  • Do you think you'll ever kill someone?
  • Will you lie (not white lie) in a court of law if you had to save a family member / very very close friend?
  • If terribly hungry and malnourished, will you steal food?
  • Do you think you're a good person?
  • Are you scared of death?
  • Are you afraid that no one will remember you after you're long gone?
  • Do you think you give yourself less credit than you deserve?
  • Do you think you give yourself more credit than you deserve?

Does all this matter?

I was trying to find a way if one can create a time capsule with the answers to these questions. And maybe years later you can answer these questions again and see how you've changed. Would be an interesting thing, I think. Well I've created mine and you can see it here : Time Capsule

Do answer them. You don't have to share. Just answer them and hide it in your email/drawer/docs/blog. And years later revisit it.

To Russell. So young and full of promise.


Devna said...

And He's back!
Going to miss the Yellow. I'd started to like it.

Rohan Chawla said...

It's still yellow on the desktop website. Non-yellow only on the mobile website - easier to load.

Glad you like the yellow :P