23 December 2012

Warm and Fuzzy

The other day I bought a copy of "A Thousand Splendid Suns" from Daryaganj and since then one particular thought has been stuck in my head. What if our sky was filled with ten thousand suns. I know we'd die, but it would be incredibly beautiful.

I remember Jayaji saying that the scriptures describe Brahman as that - the light of ten thousand suns. And when I did a quick Google search, I found out that there is also a book called that!

Sometimes I intentionally stare into the sun, even though I know I shouldn't because it'll hurt my eyes. But I do it anyway. It feels like you're fighting something powerful, something strong. Maybe even majestic. Of course, the sun always wins.

I also remember hearing a song called "The Boy who trapped the Sun" . While the song is just about okay, it makes me think of a beautiful picture. A small boy with a little brown sack/bag who tricks the sun and captures it in his bag. Makes for a good fairy-tale, y'know.

If the Sun was a person, what would it be like? Something tells me it'll be like a grandfather - old and tired but still young at heart. I am also repulsed by the idea that they call the sun a star. Stars are meant for making wishes, for being temporary homes for people who have left the earth and stuff that makes wonderful rhymes. Fluffy stuff. The sun on the other hand, is well the sun.

That might make the sun unhappy. What if he (or she?) wants to be the temporary home for dead people, the locker of our hopes and dreams and wants to well - twinkle. It's unfair for us to hold him to these standards, won't you agree?

Imagine. Ten thousand suns in the sky. It would be beautiful.

To Jonathan Safran Foer, for giving wings to my imagination.

Song : Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder


Abhilash said...

Staring into the sun is fun. Don't know why, but there's this feeling after two or three odd minutes when everything else just fades into the background and you just feel somehow connected.

Rohan Chawla said...

Yeh, I know what you mean. It's quite the feeling.