24 March 2009

Yet Another one of Rohan Ki Kahaniya....

Marginal Propensity to Consume is the slope of the Consumption Function. Differentiate it and you will get what you want. And the Consumption curve is a straight line. Hence the slope is same at all points. MPC is constant. The Multiplier’s proof lies in the sum of infinite terms of a Geometric Progression. The 45 degree line is significant in equilibrium determination. It all indeed connects. All of it has meaning. All of it has sense. There is Logic. It’s beautiful. It’s orgasmic.

Economics was always my favourite. Finding the best way out is what I’ll define it as. Closely intervened with Mathematics, Sociology, Consumer and Producer Psychology, Geography and all of that. Closely intervened with our lives, our money, our country and our identities. I love it. I love it beyond measure.

But parts of Economics make me sick. One of them is Money and Banking. And in my endevour to learn the many types of deposits and the evolution of money and the drawbacks of barter system, I did something great. Something I am proud of. I fell asleep.

And it was then that the following questions came to my mind, which I try and answer myself. This is not conversations with God. This is not Me against Me. This is just the result of economic stress. And sometimes stress produces something beautiful. And maybe this is beautiful. Just to make this un-weird, there is a setup. A different environment. Here Goes:

The following piece is dedicated to everyone who is trying to make sense out of their lives. The song for the post would be Life in Technicolor II by Coldplay.

Once upon a time there was a good boy called Chester. He was in a weird place and this story is about him.

“God, it’s a dark alley,” said Chester to himself.

He walked on. There were no holes, so he didn’t fall into a pit or something. He didn’t bump into a wall or someone else. It was a dark, straight, flat and empty alley. After a while Chester realized that this alley might never end. This scared him.

And then out of the blue, more like black, a bulb hung in front of him. Due to the new found light, Chester saw the writing on the wall. He instantly recognized it.

“As above, so below; As within, so without.”

“The Emerald Tablet. I read it in the Alchemist,” he said that to himself.

And then almost magically, the wall spilt open. Seeing the new wonder, Chester entered. Chester started to look around. He didn’t find anything great to look at. However inside there was a piano. He always wanted to play the piano. It looked so classy, so wonderful, so English and oh so hot.

And then almost suddenly the piano began to play. Chester recognized the music instantly. Death will never conquer by Coldplay. entered.

He turned around and was shocked to death. There it was Chris Martin, the Coldplay’s lead singer playing the piano.

“Oh My God. It’s you!” he almost yelled.

“Shshshsh…” hushed Chris and continued playing.

Coldplay was his favourite band. They made such beautiful music. Chris finished playing. He then looked up at Chester.

“So dude, how’re you?” he asked.

“I am good. Where are we?”

“Doesn’t matter. I am here because you have answers to find.”

“And you will help me?”


“How freaking cool is that.”

Chris smiled.

“So what has been bothering you so much?” he asked Chester.

“Fear. Fear of all sorts. Fear of losing. Fear of driving. Fear of not being what I want to be,” Chester explained.

“All you have to fear is fear itself,” replied Chris.

“What are you William Douglas?” mocked Chester.

“Not really. But fear helps you grow. It helps you. I feared many things. I still do. I fear I might give you wrong advice. And it is in fear that you are extra cautious and hence you do your best. Simple logic.”

“But fear makes me scared. Scared that I will mess it all up. A sick feeling that makes me give up. Fear kills my spirit of trying, my faith in the world,” explained Chester.

“Don’t worry so much. You’re young, commit your mistakes.”

“What if I lose? Failure isn’t all that of a great feeling,” moaned Chester.

“Just because I am loosing, doesn’t mean I am lost. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop, “sang Chris.

“Now the answers to my questions lie in your songs. I like Lost+ more than Lost, you know. Can I call you Chris?”

“Sure you can. There are answers everywhere. All you need to do is look.”

“That makes you sound Gay, you know.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. You’re still not clean in the head.”

“Yes, Mind reader. I am very confused. I mean why trouble troubles me always. Why ME? Why not you?”

“Trouble will come. Trouble will go. But you’ll go on forever,” said Marty almost laughing.

“What? That’s a direct lift from a poem. God. I thought this was going to be cool. Why can’t we run away from everything? Just escape.”

“Kill yourself. Hide yourself. No one stops you. No one will mourn you for forever.”

“So Chris Martin, Coldplay member is officially an advocate of Suicide.”

“No. I believe that if there is an easy and legal way of doing something you do it that way. Suicide I think is illegal. All I mean is, if there is something that causes you pain, misery, unhappiness, then cut it off. It maybe your dream, your hope, your friend or your mind. Just cut it off. End it. Finish it. There is nothing that can cause you trouble. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. That’s what Eleanor said.”

“The Sermon-ator does make sense.”

“Listen buddy. Life is crap. It hurts. Everybody hurts. We are nothing but another brick in the wall of the world. But some bricks have the establishment on them. Be that one. You can and you will. Just don’t fear.”

“When will I die?” asked Chester.

“Take a Facebook quiz. Go to Death Clock. I don’t know. I am not Yamraj[1]. Just before you die, don’t cultivate regrets. Whatever you did in your life, were a product of your decisions and your actions. Be proud of it.”

“I am impressed, you know Hindu Deities. Regret. It kills. Do you really think that what we want to do, we ought to do?”

“I think that is the only thing you should do. As I said before, as long as it’s easy and legal.”

“Right. I really love your music. Thanks for it.”

“Thanks for listening to it.”

“Do you pity me?”

“I pity those who don’t live to the fullest.”

“Is this a dream? You sound Dumbeldore-ish.”

“That, that is, is.”

“Shakespeare, finally. I love him too.”

Chris smiled. “Anything else Chester?”

“Sing a song for me?”

“Not now. Buy a CD. Ares eats my money,” joked Chris.

“Ok. Will do,” smiled Chester.

“So I hope I never meet you again?” asked Chris.

“I hope I do. My best friend is such an ass. Good for nothing. Keeps on blabbering something like ‘as you wish’.”

“Ahh…Need to be Dumbeldore for her too eh?”

“Naa…I think she’ll need some one like John Nash.”

“Whokay. But I am your Godfather.”

“Well, if I had a middle name, it would be Chris. Chester Chris Chawla. And if I need a Best Man, I’ll call you. What a starry wedding that would be.”

“Right. Definitely. And the forces of nature tell me, you’ll all do fabulous. You’ll all leave your mark. Just hold on. And always believe.”

“Ok. TOO much SERMON. See you on You Tube.”

And then he disappeared. It was almost like a fairy tale. He had learned so much. It felt like a better world altogether. It was so amazing. So beautiful. So magical. And oh so Cool.

Chester also found his way out of the alley into the daylight of the new world. He then went to his posh school. And there he met his classmate. They had many things in common. Many things different. But there was one thing he always wanted to tell him and he gathered courage and went ahead.

“Chester,” said Chester to his classmate.

“Yup, dude,” replied the classmate.

“I always wanted to say these three words to you. They mean a lot to me. I have buried my feelings in me for too long and I must express them now, for I want to cultivate no regrets. I know you don’t feel the same way as I do, but I must pour my heart out to you. The three magic words, that might alter everything, Chal Be Bhangi![2]”

And like Cinderella he ran away. He was super joyous. He was elated and he ran and ran and ran. And then they became sworn enemies. And Chester kept meeting Chris. And all was well. And like every fairy tale, everyone lived happily ever after, even The Bhangi, ;)

The End

[1] Hindu deity of Death.

[2] Bhangi is an Indian Caste, often referred to as untouchables. However, in daily language, a Bhangi is one who’s ill mannered and can be associated with the English counterpart of loser or bugger.


Ahana Datta said...


Chal be bhangi bone.

Yes. No matter how tall he is.

Vasudha said...

u were rite..this is a tad weird.

Rohan Chawla said...

=> Ahana

Might as well take the name. But did you really like it?

=> Vasudha

Agreed. It's weird. I don't know how you guys read all that so easily.

Rohan Chawla said...

Oh...I forgot...And this NOT a move to increase comments

Image: One of Peyton Sawyer's Drawings from the popular soap One Tree Hill.

ss said...

chota shakespeare,for a layman like me ( who doesnt have any reading habit), this is defntly wierd.


You know what?
This is one of good i have had(other belonges to jules verne & h.g. wells)

and tell Chester to see 'truely inspirational video' on youtube ....