31 March 2009

These Three Words ( I )

The following is a three part poem, each having a distinct word attached to it which you'll find very easily.

The poem is dedicated to the one who gave me inspiration for it. The song for the post would be Rest in Pieces by Saliva.

These Three Words ( I )

In a land far far away,
Lived a family, very rich but not gay;
For there was a fight to be the next king,
And by democracy it was to be one amongst the kin.

Election fever was spread throughout the state,
And all siblings campaigned to alter their fate;
All the candidates looked very handsome in their coats.
And this confused the people about their vote,

Perception, Intuition, Suspicion and Sensing,
Were in the minds of one and all;
Of weird types, forms, and very different meanings,
To know the future, is indeed a great feeling.

The people, so wise and aware,
Predicted their winner and enjoyed the political affair;
The gambler, the bookies, so greedy and hungry,
Betted blindly on their choice, hoping to earn more than a penny.

The candidates, crude and desperate for throne seating,
Formulated their plans for winning and later governing;
The police, Oh! So vigilant and careful,
Had their own threat perceptions on the lives of these mortals.

And such is the power of assumption,
Solves Accounts, Creates Gossip and Breaks Relations;
In our land so close and near,
What is so different, my dear?


Vasudha said...

it's rly nice, bt i dint get d word attached 2 it..srry if i sound stupid

Rohan Chawla said...

=> Vasudha

Presumption. Assumption. Anything realted to forecasting.

ss said...

Oh I loved it to bits. What a way to convey thoughts. Very nice.Assuming things, talk about it, I have had enough of it with people.

Rohan Chawla said...


Thank you so much. Assuming kills yaar.....
I hope the next two are equally good, if not better :)