4 September 2012


This floor of the building was unknown to him and so he tread very carefully. It was somewhat dark, or even if there was light, everything seemed fuzzy. He felt a great sense of uneasiness, a feeling that he shouldn't move forward. But he also felt that he wasn't in control; that it wasn't him who was walking, but someone else. Yet he was the one who felt the movement. And suddenly he felt as if he was falling down a flight of stairs or perhaps falling off a floor or maybe just a great fall down a rabbit hole.

But he had made no such fall. He woke up with a sign of disgust and annoyance. He said to himself - "Yaar, yeh wali feeling kyun hoti hai? (why does this happen?)" He knew he wasn't the only one in the world experiencing it. People dream of worse things - dinosaurs, terrorists and what have you. But this free fall gave him a really bad headache; one that wouldn't let him sleep any further. He hated this feeling.

He drudgingly woke up and did his morning business. What a crappy start. He ate his breakfast, charged his electric devices, packed his lunch and blah and blah and blah. While he was walking to the nearest bus stop to catch a bus (duh!), he put on his earphones and started listening to the music on his music player. Then he said to himself, maybe I should listen to the radio today. The radio is full of surprises and you never know what's coming your way. But the quality and choice is much better on the music player.

And while this was going on, he thought to himself - Hey! Am I talking to myself? Is my mouth opening and closing and my face animating or is all this music business in my head? Are people thinking that I am talking to myself? Although, all this talk about talking to himself was definitely in his head. Actually, that's what pissed him off most - whenever he tried to figure out if he talked to himself, his mind would trick him and make sure everything henceforth was in his mind. Damn it! No way to ever find out. He eventually selected the radio.

And while he waited for the bus, he felt a weird sensation down there. Droplets of toxic waste were hinting their arrival. He found it prudent to take a piss before he boarded the bus. So he walked to the nearest public toilet. He stood in front of the urinal, looked down (Mens' Loo Golden Rule : You don't look at mine, I don't look at yours. We are not interested) and there was nothing. No toxic waste, no droplets and certainly no piss. He prayed to God, made the shhhhh sound and applied all his mental energy, but nothing came out.

He then came out, only to see that his bus had left.

And then he actually said to himself, "Koi naa. Bus hi toh thi. Sussu nikal jata toh!"

He smiled and carried on with his day.

To Apurv Sathe. Bruh-der!

Song : Iss Dil Ka Kya Karoon -- Burfi 

P.S. : This is just the morning. Your (and my) life has many more of these ridiculous, annoying and 'I will not share with others' moments. Don't deny them. Don't discard them. Enjoy! There is so much beauty and fun in all of us. And in everything we do. Mazze karo!

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