1 April 2011


To The Capitalists, Socialists, Anarchists, Dictators and other members of the Illuminati.

Song : Dustbowl Dance by Mumford and Sons.

People are dying.
I have a World Cup Match to watch.
People are homeless.
Gurgaon or Noida or Gk-II, for my Part 2?
People are hungry.
Chinese or Italian or Thai?
People are illiterate.
I have to finish a Blog Post.

People are voting.
People are losing.
People are blind.
Hail Democracy.
May We Rest in Peace.

Money, Money, Money. 
Money is all we got.
Money is all we want.
Fuck you.
Money, Money, Money.

2012, I hope we die.
I don't help you, you don't help me.
Life is shit--No Love or Care.
Auf Weidersehn, is all I have left to say.

No Utopia, No Earth-2.
No Technology, No Intelligence.
No Change, Just Limbo.
Blame You or Me?
Or His Will?
Or Perhaps Your Own.

Not a Funny April Fools Joke, eh?

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Write soon.