19 March 2011

His Cursed Blessing.

I wrote this when I was in Class 11. Africa Week in School. Our House was assgined Madagascar as country. Here Goes :

Born in a family of six illiterates,
I am Radama the youngest.
They say this is Eden in disguise,
But the youth seems to argue.

It's due to your fancy, My Lord,
For what Madagascar is today-
Poor, Miserable, Underdeveloped and
Lost somewhere in the quest for modernization.

What Flora is this Lord,
Has to be slashed & burnt for food?
What fauna is this I ask You,
Has to be sold for mere pennies.

I don't want snow-peaked mountains,
But sky-hugging structures.
I don't want birds from paradise,
But wish to fly with the iron vulture.

This is not my voice, My Lord,
It's the solidarity of Our Youth.
We don't crave for a green environment,
But for the greatest development.

I am not ashamed to say this,
But if I were to be born again,
It's my plea to you Lord,
Let it not be this Hellish Paradise.

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