21 May 2010

Who's She?

And she entered the room, with her beautiful black hair.

Everyone else in the room consequently thought.

A2 : She's so pretty.

D1 : She's so dumb.

G2 : She's my new target.

Z11 : She's plastic.

W28 : She has such nice friends.

S7 : She's so bitchy.

H10 : Her dress is beautiful.

M4 : She's so South Delhi.

K5 : She's so helpful.

T19 : She's a slut.

F4 : She's so sweet to me.

O31 : She's a Lesbian.

R13 : Who's She?

So many tags. Who are you?

Song Dedication :
I Don't Want To Be by Gavin DeGraw

This post is dedicated to my Langotia Yaar :)


Ahana Datta said...

Curiouser and curiouser.

-From a book about a girl very much like She.

SpaceAlpha said...

Nice work.Liek the new layout :D

Devna said...

oye! tell prodigy girl that phrase is patented :P

and interesting makeover. will take getting used to though.