14 February 2015

Mughal Gardens

Today, I visited the Mughal Gardens at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Each year, the Gardens are thrown open to the public for about a month in Feb-March. Today happened to be the first day of the annual festival. The gardens are simply amazing! Super pretty. Any admirer of nature would have a great time and should visit the Gardens at least once. I owe my visit to the insistence of a dear friend. Thank you :)

Here are some snippets.

The entrance to the North Block. The writing reads :

Liberty will not descend to a people. A people must raise themselves to Liberty; it is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed

Apparently, the Colonial British government put this up when they were constructing this side of Delhi. Make what you want of what they were trying to imply.

On the other side of the North Block, we found monkeys sifting through the garbage. We need to do a lot more to get a Swachh Bharat :

Now to the gardens! Here are some flower pictures :

The wonderful flower carpet. Soon there will be articles describing the carpet as communal and anti-secular. Not to forget, environmentally damaging :

The closest I will ever get to the Rashtrapati Bhawan without getting arrested :

Some interesting flower names. Very designer :

Rose Christian Dior (apologies for the bad photograph)

Rose Okla Homa

Rose Eiffel Tower

Rose Just Joey

Rose Scentimantal

Ice plant meets China Man


Queen Elizabeth 

Just in case the barricade got lost :

In that spirit, just in case President Mukherjee forgets what he inaugurated after completing a year in office :

Pranab Mukherjee Public Library

And finally, the customary “I was here” picture. Appropriately dressed for the day- check:

Happy Valentines Day

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