10 July 2014

13 generic news articles/headlines you will see on Budget day

Arun Jaitley will present the NDA's maiden budget on 10 July. Like every year the contents of the budget are super secret. While many are trying to predict the new policies, I decided to be a troll and do something different. Here is my prediction of the news articles/headlines you will read tomorrow :

  1. Budget 2014 : What's in it for you?
  2. Was this Jaitley's budget or Modi's?
  3. Sonia Gandhi : The UPA has presented stronger budgets
  4. Modinomics : Market rallies on higher FDI, simpler tax procedure & new infra projects
  5. India Inc disappointed at new budget; calls it all glitter, no gold
  6. The budget effect : Adani, Reliance stocks sky-rocket
  7. Tobacco, alcohol, cars dearer; mobile phones, medicines cheaper
  8. Big relief for middle class : Tax slabs raised! OR Tax slabs remain unchanged; middle class disappointed
  9. Anti-poor budget : Who are the real beneficiaries of this budget?
  10. GST/DTC delayed for the 5 consecutive year : Jaitley complicates existing tax menace
  11. The tool you've been waiting for - Calculate your tax NOW!
  12. Raghuram Rajan : Positive budget for economy; will help control inflation
  13. Shobhaa De calls Budget 2014 "the sexiest ever" 

If you have some in mind, do add them in the comments section!

Good luck India!

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