25 May 2013

Taxpayers' Money

Before I file a RTI, need your opinion on this. There is something terribly wrong with the following advertisements.

1) Your success is my success :

Why is Ministry of Information and Broadcasting celebrating the success of the "UPA". It would have been an altogether different thing if the advertisement had said Government of India.

 2) We miss you :

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry remembers the "enduring contribution and supreme sacrifice" of Rajiv Gandhi - which I am supposed to know by staring at his face.


I don't care what the message of these advertisements is - this is a free country. I have a problem with the message being spread from the money I earned! Why should the UPA be applauded or Rajiv Gandhi be remembered through expensive newspaper advertisements that are paid from the money I give as tax?

Must file RTI/PIL. But need your opinions/advice first. What do you think about these advertisements?


A PIL regarding government expenditure on self-glorifying advertisements has been filed twice, once in 2007 and once again in 2012. In 2007 it was filed by Manzoor Ali Khan and in 2012 by the Foundation for Restoration of Nation Values. Given their similar nature, the latter case was clubbed with 2007 case (see here). The 2007 PIL is still pending. In these 6 years affidavits have been filed by each state government. and the union government. WB is yet to file an affidavit I think (The last order was on 18th February 2013 see here). The next hearing is due on 7th October 2013.

Additional Links :
The 2007 PILhttp://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2007-02-25/india/27871959_1_wasteful-expenditure-guidelines-advertisements
The 2012 PILhttp://www.thehindubusinessline.com/marketing/apex-court-to-hear-pil-seeking-check-on-govt-achievement-ads/article3764309.ece
The 2007 PIL History [Go to Case Number on the left and enter these details : Case Type - WP(civil), Case Number - 305, Year - 2007] : http://courtnic.nic.in/supremecourt/casestatus_new/caseno_new_alt.asp

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