24 December 2011

Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy

What's the point of Fiction? Nothing that a writer ever writes is real. It's always tainted. Tainted by facts, by perspective, by logic. It's never the truth. What's the point of writing lies? Of writing stories that represent what could've happened, what should've happened, what might have happened and never what really happened.

What is Real? Is this Real? Am I dreaming now or Am I dreaming when I sleep? What state of consciousness is real? Are we crazy or are the mentally retarded crazy? Is an Alzheimer patient's perspective real or is our perspective real? Are we real?

What is Love? Is there love? What is hate? Is hate real? Are we born to hate? Or are we born to love? Are emotions justified? Till what extent? What is reason? Is the world reasonable? Is life reasonable? Is there value in reason?

What is Moral? Is it your intuition or is it God's Commandments? Is it the Law? Are some things inherently moral? Are some things more moral than others? Is morality important? Is morality relevant? Is reason morality's enemy?

I don't know. Should I know? Can I know? Will I know? Am I too early to ask? Am I too late to find out? Am I destined to find out? Is there destiny? Is there fate? What is life? What life has meaning? Is meaning important?

I don't know.

Another post is due, that has been indefinitely postponed, till I find a few answers.

To That which is Real. And to All That which is Unreal. And to everything In Between,

Song : Dance Little Liar by The Arctic Monkeys.

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Ethereal said...

very true! somethings are God-given law..that is how we know right from wrong..and somethings are "inherently moral" because of our 'inbuilt conscience'.. which, again, is the very gift of God, carefully and lovingly placed inside of our spirit! :)

I recommend 'Cries of the Heart' by Ravi Zacharia.. a fantastic read!!