30 September 2009

Wake me up when September Ends.

Oh September is already over. And today is the third of October. But I am still going to post this on a the 30/09/09 date, else September will have Zero posts; And I wouldn't like that.

This is a draft of what I was planning to post. Will finish it and post it at a later date. Just have a look :

Truth is referred to as a true statement, true being something which is a fact. A fact cannot be reversed or changed. It is final in its nature. It is in its essence what it is. There can be multiple views to a fact, but the fact remains the same. Thus, something which is true, will always be true, the inference however can be varied.

Oratory gives perspective to facts. It gives facts inference and whatever conclusion you want to draw, you can draw from it with Oratory as a tool. Thus if two people have a fact in front of them and they have to convince people of their respective conclusions, they can only do so with the help their speaking abilities.

It can be better understood this way. Suppose there is a shadow. Now the fact in this analogy is that a shadow is created by an object. Now if you’re looking at the shadow how do you identify the object; you simply change the direction in which you are looking. Now since you haven’t ever seen that object before, whatever you see of it then you assume that it is that. Oratory provides that change in direction. Whatever you want someone to see of the object; you can with that change in direction, which in essence is oratory. In other words, oratory is a change in direction which is done to identify the object; the identification of the object being the discretion of the Orator. Now that could either provide you awesome clarity or just confuse you beyond measure.


Vasudha said...

hey i gt wot ur trying 2 say bt d last para seems sumwot muddled up..n how duz d title fit in?

Rohan Chawla said...

I agree. It is very confusing, tabhi yeh abhi tak draft hain.
And the title is a song by Green Day. Unrelated to the post, just signifies that I decided to post only when September ended ( in fact when October started) ;) ;)
Will try and post often.

Vasudha said...

yea it's 1 of my favourite songs..
n yup u ought 2 post more often!