31 October 2008


To the Guitarist,

He looked into the mirror. He could see the guilt in his eyes. He washed his hands, hoping that like all criminals his guilt will too be reduced. He used soap and washed his face, perhaps moving a step further. He wasn’t at fault. He was driven away by desire. Desire that made him mad, crazy, fulfilling for a while and ashamed forever.


To the Professor,

He looked at her. She was extremely pretty from outside and inside.
“Hi Bitch how are you?” he asked her

“Hi Ass, I am fine. How was your exam?” she asked.

“Like all other exams, thek tha..”

“Ya. You are off to cloud nine with glory and I’ll barely pass.”

“It’s okay! Handling a Geisha business and studying is not so easy!” he mocked.

“Right. If you can run a kotha and manage to top your class, I have a lot to learn” she replied playing away.

He couldn’t resist. He was in the desire web. He caught her by the waist and bent a little. The position resembled exactly that which comes in movies. It was perfect, it was magical and so surreal.

Abbey iska answer kya hain” said Arjun.

He came back to life. She was still looking pretty, prettier than she looked in his imagination. The geek was standing admiring his Helen of Troy. If only he was a little less smarty pants and more sexy shorts, it could have worked. He was still caught in the net of desire. The desire to be all that he wanted to be……


To Rose,

I see it out there.
I want it very badly
It will come to me.


The dedications are special in their own way. All interpretations are welcome. The correct answer won't win any prize!


vasudha said...

is this wot u rote at dat workshop?

Rohan Chawla said...

yup the second one.....whatever i could recollect of what i had written i rewrote it..... :)