31 March 2008

It's Never Too Late

The world is filled with sayings and phrases that are oft quoted but less understood. “Be the change”, “Love one and all”, “Have Faith” and “Honesty is the best policy” are some of them. I reflected on many of these and discovered that one particular quote encompassed all of them-“It’s never too late.”

Time is one strange philosophical and scientific concept. If it is true for event A, it becomes false for event B. Ideas of time cannot be put rigidly and require a great deal of flexibility. The fact that time once lost cannot be regained and certain damage already done cannot be mended is the main crux of the concept of time and ethics. However, there are some virtues for which time travel is not required to undo what is wrong. For them, time is not important-it is the realization that matters.

To begin with, lets focus on Love. One big misunderstood idea. Love is anything that gives you happiness; that which brings a smile to your face; that which speaks in the silence of two mute beings.
[1] Not only is it never too late to love, but also to be loved. To appreciate the one who loves you, and confess to the one whom you love. Love is different from possession. Possession is mere addiction. Confessing doesn’t give you your love; it allows you to flow in the river unburdened. It’s never too late to dedicate one’s life to love.[2]

From the web of love sometimes originate lies. Lies to cover up things that we fear to share; that we think would defame us; that which are hidden behind our disguised intentions.
[3] However, it’s never too late to reveal your true self. To confess your lies and lighten up the lamp of truth. Economically speaking, Lies may provide immediate satisfaction but lack long-term reward. Truth allows you to be that divine tree which stands tall on the cliff of the world, fluttering with the wind of mortality. It’s never too late to experiment your life with truth.[4]

In the tide of time, one always dreams of the future, of how they would look in the fourth dimension. Looks of their career, their dream, their aspirations and their lifestyle. It’s important to understand that these bits and pieces of a wool gatherer can be real. They are dreamt to be achieved and not to be lost in the practicality of wakefulness. What you want to be is what you will be. The Secret of The Alchemist lies nowhere but in you.
[5] It’s never too late to ask the magical mirror of the self, how to be the most good-looking among all.[6]

The most important of them all is the power of leasing your energy to achieve what has been unfinished, to complete what is left undone and to be the above. You need to act to do anything in life. But this one involves more caution. Love can die, Dreams can fade and lies can be forgotten but your obligation towards others cannot be adjusted. It requires your dedication and strength, not when the damage is done but to prevent any damage. The option of never being late doesn’t arrive when death is at the doorstep. Let it never be late when you are a person of leadership.

Let us all do something of the above-big or small, in our lives, so that we can beat the Ferrari with the Horse; and march with our head held high in the path of life.

After a billion footnotes thanking many, here’s text to the one who made this possible. Thanks Raghav for making me think over this, :) :)

[1] Modification of Kalyani Gandhi’s view of Love.[2] One life to love is a show on NDTV[3] Courtesy: Movie Naqab-disguised intentions.[4] My experiments with truth is the autobiography of M. K. Gandhi[5] The Secret and The Alchemist are two well-noted books, which tell you that what you dearly want is what you get.[6] Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


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