26 January 2008

The Faces In The Bazaar

Walking in a crowded bazaar,
May not be anyone’s passion;
But these strange faces is what I love to see,
Who somewhat look like you & me.

You may be like the youth Raj,
Who is the qualified one of the lot;
Now flaunting his new bike,
Probably earned from his IAS bribe.

Or may be like Mrs. Nimi,
Who comes & cribs for every penny;
Scolding & talking always about her daughter in law,
All she knows is her demands & the other ones flaws.

You may resemble Mr. Xeno,
Who comes alone for mere bread,
His heart cries out miseries of old age,
His children treat him like an animal in a cage.

Your Daughter might look like this young girl,
Who carries in her right hand a doll,
Yelling on top of her voice,
For the requirement of a new ball.

You might wonder now who am I?
Me is the young prince in disguise
Who is waiting for that happy eye,
That can do magic just by the blink.

I look for it everyday
Hoping that it’ll be on its way.
If I ever get this happy man’s sign
I promise, I shall abandon my riches from that very time.

I hear, the happy one looks like any other face of the crowd,
He looks for happiness in him,
And not by fulfilling Worldly whims,
Like you & I do.

I say, the faces have failed to find,
The eternal happiness’s presence,
Which lies in Every Face Of The Crowd.


Ahana said...

yay!!!my best friend has written a wonderfullllllllll poem!!!

Rohan Chawla said...

yay!!!my best friend has written a wonderful comment!!! thnxz.. :D

Digveer said...

Nice poem.

Rohan Chawla said...

thnxz digveer..!

Vasudha said...

itz brilliant..ur truly very talented :)