14 June 2009

He thought he'd forgotten until...

Ashish plugged in his earphones into his new swanky iPod. He played the first song. Pure Bliss. Finally he could be at peace with his music. Nothing made him more happier or more satisfied. "Imagine all the people..." It was beautiful.

Ashish started walking on the path in the park. There were many people who were doing the exact same thing as he was. They were walking on a late evening with a dark sky. Ashish was enjoying his music to the fullest. And then his mind, like all minds, couldn't sit idle and started bringing up thoughts.

He thought about his First Crush. About how beautiful she was, about her charm, her charisma and the magic that she created. He thought about how he told her, how he asked her out, how they were such a happy couple and how wonderful was the time that they spent with each other. All this got Ashish to smile, wide and clear. What a wonderful feeling it was, he thought.
(Pause--No Thinking)
He then thought about what a big ballistic suicidal bitch she was and how he left her for good.
Round # 1 Over.

Ashish was now humming to "When you're gone...." Avril Lavinge USED TO sing well. Marriage is wonderful, only if it doesn't change you from rock to Blondie. Ashish then started admiring the little children that were playing in the garden area. Oh, how terrific the Summer Vacation was. He remembered all his neighbourhood friends and the amazing time they used to spend together during the breaks. The endless sitting in the AC and playing Computer games, the coming out in the evening and playing the silliest game inventions. The fighting on cheating, the grouping up to eliminate a "friend" we did not like(only in a game, we were children not Mean Girls) and playing Badminton in the street lights. That was nice.
He then went to think how all of them made new friends, found new interests, met each other lesser and lesser and how inviting on birthdays had become more of a formality.
Round # 2 Over.

Track on iPod: Graduation Song by Vitamin C. Ashish now shifted his attention to school. 14 years of getting up and going to the same building. He surely was going to miss it all. Being a non-study dumb child, who gets C+ in handwriting to a multi-talented and multi-faceted person, school had its own USP. It was strange how time passed and school went on, and how he changed so much. He could imagine himself growing in those corridors and halls.
(You know what should be written here)
Ashish then though of the last year of his schooling. The demagogue Principal, the sick mucky politics that he encountered, the blatant ignorance to his contribution to the institution he loved, all were memories he wanted to forget.
Round # 3 Over.

And there were more rounds. And there were more memories. And obviously more songs. The Park has two gates. Ashish stopped in his final round and went out from the other gate. He wanted to visit another park. Park# 2, fondly called Jhule wala Park (The park with swings) was very special to Ashish and his other neighbourhood friends. He remembered the times he used to come here and enjoy the swings. How the Slide was always empty and a particular swing had waiting. The Sun wasn't a bother then. He made a couple of friends here, most of them obviously could STILL recognize each other, but would do that only in their minds. Public recognition would mean embarrassment if the other dude did not recognise you.

So Ashish stood in front of the gate. And stared. It hadn't changed much. And then.....A dog barked. He was sitting inside the park. Ashish realised that maybe this dog is guarding this place and he should go. So Ashish turned around and went away. But then the dog came out barking at top of his lungs. And then another dog came and another and another. Ashish felt scared. Ashish felt worried. Ashish felt kink-kartevya-vimod. So Ashish stood still but when the barking started again, he did the natural dog barking thing to do. He ran. And the dogs started running too. But then Ashish ran faster and faster and he became fastest. The dogs were left long behind but Ashish kept running until he came to a safe spot sans dogs, and finally relaxed. Wretched Bitches. Oh, the iPod was still on, the song being How to save a life---The Fray.

On his way home, he heard a lot of dog barks even with his earphones on. But none scared him. He was just okay. He went home, had his dinner and slept. And he learnt a lotta new things which he wrote in his Dear Diary. (how gay!)

Here is the list ::

1. Leave the past behind. It will bring smiles to your face, but it is capable of getting you Bitch Bites too. So STAY AWAY. Forget what has happened and enjoy the present. Some memories are best forgotten.

2. Stay away from parks which you are not sure of, especially in the dark.

3. There is a song for every feeling, every moment, every memory, every emotion and also every Piece of writing.

4. If you are surrounded by dogs, DO NOT run. Take out the gun and shoot the bloody Canines.

And Lastly....

5. Four Fs

Forgive : It's not worth it. Small life, smaller enemies.
Forget : Bad Memories, Bad things, Bad Times
Feel : Every moment in life, its not going to come back.
Fuck : The world, the Dogs and anything that causes you tiny winy trouble.

The song for the Diary Entry : Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be will be.

Dedicated to No One.

M&M is so over. No more posts on that. Sorry.
Suggest a title in comment. The winner title gets to be the title of this story on this blog. Exciting! LOL


Vasudha said...

nice :)
cant think of a title though

ME said...

iCrush and an iPod.

aZoed said...

my first time in here... hoppped over from SS's blog.
Beautiful little story, esp. your choice of songs. Best part - Point no. 1 noted to 'Dear Diary'! And very rightly, Avril USED to sing well.
My suggestion for the Title - "He thought he'd forgotten until..."

Rohan Chawla said...

=> Vasudha




=> aZoed

< A Warm Welcome >
Thanks, I am happy you like it.
:) :)
You just won yourself a Blog title!
Lame, but fun.

Ahana Datta said...

WTF is wrong with your template?

sd said...

Nice work!
There is a song for every feeling --- so true
Don't shoot dogs! ....they are cute --- from a distance :P
4 Fs :)
n kin-kartavya-vimod .... i remember that word in the hindi chapter ! it was funny :P

Rohan Chawla said...

Thank you. I'm glad you like it.
Cute things have a license to live? Babies?
4Fs. I like 'em too. They are meant for homo sapiens only :P
I don't I can even write Hindi now :(