27 May 2009

M & M

Dedication : The intelligent only needs a signal.

Song: Aap Jaisa Koi from the movie Qurbani.

"Oh Crap I am late like always. Damn! Damn! Damn! 5 minutes is understandable, but 15 minute kaun late hota hain?" thought Mayur.

He was climbing the stairs two at a time. His main concern wasn't that he had missed a part of the lesson, but the fact that he'll get one of the back seats. Back seats are bad. They directly face the air conditioner and you have to bear the brunt of the chilly winds of Alaska. Also, you can't see anything, leave aside hearing. And our dear protagonist was without his spectacles so imagine his plight.

Mayur enters. Ok this not a play. He looked straight down the aisle. The last three rows were empty. Well, something better than last. Mayur placed himself in the third last row. Oh, the teacher hadn't come as yet, so it wasn't that bad after all.

And then she entered. She was beautiful, she had everything and more(1). She too looked straight down the aisle and placed herself on the second seat of the third last row. Simply put for the slow ones, she sat next to him. She is Mayitree. And she isn't all that intellectual as the name sounds.

They exchanged the basic questions of meetings. And then they waited, for a new topic in the conversation and for the wretched teacher to come. Finally Mahesh came to class. Slightly gay and very intelligent, this teacher was the best this place had.

"Good Morning, Every-buddy. How is your prep going?"

----No Answer-----

"Today we'll do square roots and squares. " And then he started scribbling on the board explaining some Vedic Concept.

Not everyone can grasp something as quickly as someone else. Mayur understood the method perfectly, but if you were to make him stand in a football field and explain him the ways of football, he'd probably faint. Mayitree on the other hand, was a little confused, but then again, if you were to ask her fashion trends and TV show time slots, you'd probably give up your questions and become her disciple.

And then entered Mayank and his cronies, a total half an hour late. Mahesh said something to him, and then he took the third seat in the third row. The row was now filled.

"Chailye dekhte hain kaun hain sabse zyada teez. 10 questions, 15 mins." And Mahesh wrote 'em on the whiteboard and went away probably to do finish some official work.

11 minutes and Mayur had finished all the questions, hopefully correctly. No matter how much brain this guy had, he was modest and not the bragging kinds. Grooming sometimes makes all the difference. But that does not mean that there aren't people who feel that if they have done what they ought to do, they must tell the world, by hook or by crook. And that was the case with Mayank.

"How did you do this question?" asked a polite Mayitree from a more than happy Mayur. Finally they were talking again. And Mayur did explain to the best of his abilities. Rest whether it was understood or not, remains a mystery. Mayank though was trying to interfere and explain, that was less appreciated by both of 'em.

Mahesh came in again. Gave the answers mentally, as if he were the king of mental math. And then challenged the students. A challenge Mayur was more than ready to accept.
"Let's see how many of you can name 13 of Shakespeare's Plays."

And he wrote with great spirit and surety. Shakespeare was on his tips. He knew every deal of the Bard. Unfortunately he could only manage 12, and lost.

And then popped another question from Ms. Pretty," How do you know all this?", and he smiled and wrote down what you see in your Address Bar.

"I write stuff." he said.

"Ohh...I'll see it sometime."

That my friends made him smile.

And if you haven't already guessed, Mayank likes her too. And he is making faces right now. ;)

Class got over soon. Mayur was happier than ever. He finally got to sit, talk and exchange a few words with someone he liked. He reached home, smiling ear to ear.

And like all teenage addicts, checked his facebook before the newspaper.

1 Friend Request

Mayitree Mehra

There are somethings in life, Money can't buy. For just this one thing, there is Facebook. :D


PS: (1) Lyrics from a song by Ashley Simpson

Image : http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2015/1562355428_15f7b4cd66.jpg

And Thank You Gautam for bearing with the typing. :)

Also. Please read and tell me whether I should post a continuation or end it here only. And NO MATTER how real this sounds, it isn't.


Ahana Datta said...

Oh cummon you little poser. This is SO real.

And yeah, make it a long story. I want to see how heh Mayitree and Mayur turn out :P

arsheen said...

rohan i guess u forgot about the cold war between mayur and mayank???...lol and ya i agree with ahana make it a long story..:P

Vasudha said...

yea, u ought 2 continue it. n i dont think it's a gud idea 4 d names of all d characters 2 start with d same letter.

Rohan Chawla said...

=> Ahana

Mayitree ki yeh spelling is nice. May-i-Tree. Easy to write and pronounce. And Thank you for spilling the beans, yet again. ;)

=> Arsheen

Long Story it is then. Cold War in coming parts. LOL. I can't believe I am writing this.

=> Vasudha

Ok. But this and the future posts will still be called M&M. :)

ss said...

Me liked it.Continue with it. And while u do that, will u rite about mayank?Just wondering..the facebook thing i so typical

Raghav Sachdeva said...

I'll say the same. Continue. Lets see.
VERY real.

Rohan Chawla said...

=> ss
Mayank. Ok Next Post. And these days, if you are young and not on Facebook, you are so "un-cool". Outcast is another way to say it.

=> Raghav
Thanks. Stick around. :)

garima said...

You listen to ASHLEY SIMPSON?!?!?!

Rohan Chawla said...

=> Garima

I USED TO listen to all types of shit. So if you read the post where there were questions and a playlist, I am sure you'll go all--YOU LISTEN TO THIS?! Coz that happened with me. I still don't know how I have all those songs.

I am still wondering what Ashley Simpson song was this? :|