9 January 2009

The New Year calls for....

Okay, the new year was like a gazillion days back....But resolutions are a must, whether followed or not...so here are some of mine.

The new year calls for..:

1. More Study....Study till Death...and STUDY

2. To get into DU, implication of 1.

3. To Yawn less in class.

4. To get the new Coldplay album-- Prospekts March at any cost, even if it involves....

5. To be more athletic... :(

6. To Blog more, but not like Ahana, who'll post everyday wishing someone Happy B'day. Hey Hawky, happy belated bday anyways.

7. To learn dance ?!?!?!

8. Not to advocate youth empowerment, but do it yourself

9. To direct, act, or do something in some play!!!!

10.To begin Magnum Opus.

11. Not to harbour regrets of any sort.

12. IMP: Not to be SINGLE

13. To read more and more and more......

14. To go solo travelling maybe with a bunch of backpackers.....??? Really??

15. To Carve a Niche. To be Chota-Shakespeare. To be the Best. Should I go for Roadies? Lol...I know someone who should. I love Inside Jokes!!!!!!!

;) Always in Laughter,



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conanima said...

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Ahana Datta said...

well..what to say...
dont call him hawky.

Rohan Chawla said...

@ ConGuy

hey thanks for visting my blog. Its hard to find good blogs ;) and one like yours is fab. Keep Blogging! Keep Rocking!
PS: I should work in advertising ?!?!

@ Ahana-WBF

Dont say anything. Silence speaks louder than words. Your silence shows your respect. lololol.....what crap. Okay won't call him hawky...how about Johnny? No thats for someone else, sorry, Steph is just fine then. :)

Ahana Datta said...

STEPH!!!! arghhhh you eville biatch

Oh, and: oooooooooooooh Johnny

conanima said...

hi dude thanks for the comment,shall we share our link.

ss said...

Wow, you gave me all complex riting abt resolutions. i dont have any simply for the reason that i dont keep up ..anyways, gud luck with all ur resolutions and wishing u a wonderful year ahead.

Rohan Chawla said...

@ SS

More than resolutions....these are hopes for the next year...! I hope i manage most of them. And a very happy new year to you too....! :D