22 December 2008

Imagine III

This blog has two unconditional followers. They couldn't understand this story. I don’t blame them, I am an awful writer. I hope this entry clears all doubts and concludes the story. Imagination is powerful.

To John.

Shanu was sitting in the park all alone. There was no Rohan, no Payal. It was just him. The corner Lamp post lit very brightly. Nothing was odd. All was clear. And then he came and sat across Shanu.

“You know I know,” he said.

“What do you know?” questioned a baffled Shanu.

“That you and I were not born the same way,” said Rohan, who is the “he” of course.

“I am sad. Is that way I am getting this treatment?” Shanu asked.

“Yes. Like you feel, so we play.” Rohan spoke the ultimate truth. Shanu felt worse.

“Does she know?” asked a tensed Shanu.

“’Course she does.”

“How will all this end?” asked Shanu.

“There is no end to imagination. We are a product of you. An alternate existence. If you want to cease it all and face the world all alone, you can do it. But if you want to lie to yourself, and seek refuge from the world, let us play on,” Rohan said.

“I want the second option, but it sounds bitter,” said Shanu

“Nothing is bitter in a world that can be made sweet.”

“You are only saying all this because you want to continue living. I am your master. I am responsible for whatever happens to you and to that slut. Don’t deceive me,” said Shanu.

“What happens in your real life doesn’t happen here. We speak only for your benefit.”

“Go away,” he yelled.

And Rohan disappeared into nothingness. He came for his artwork and he went away.


Shanu lived on as a dreamer. He saw Dumbledore dilluminating that lamp again. When he was horny, the couple performed for him. When he was angry they fought. When he wanted some one to share his worries with, Payal would talk to him. When he was gloomy, Rohan would return with a reality check. It was a circle of endless imagination. He was the Hero, the player, the crowd, the villain and of course the dreamer.

There are little clues all over the story. This is for those who couldn’t find it after a second reading of the three parts. The lady and the child saw Shanu behaving weirdly. That was because they couldn’t see Payal and Rohan, and hence thought Shanu was blabbering. When he was hitting Rohan, he was actually just hitting the ground and that his how the daughter saw it.

Also the neighbor complains about Shanu ringing the bell every night and walking away. He actually rings the bell, but imagines that Payal walks out. By the time the imaginary character comes and escorts Shanu away, the real neighbor comes out only to see Shanu walking away.

In the second part, it is mentioned that Shanu was horny the other night and hence the awkwardness. On the 2nd night he was angry and hence the fight. He lives in a world of his own creation. He imagines all this because he fears the real world. He is often bullied and rejected. That is why he created this world, a world of its own ups and downs.

I say this for the third time. Imagination is powerful. It helps you create, destroy and do whatever you want to. It helps you rise above the limited into the infinite. The might of imagination is unparalleled.



Ahana Datta said...

1. you're not a bad writer
2. this clears it up well
3. I'll be there for you!

Rohan Chawla said...

2. Thanks
3. I hope it does clear it well...
5. i don't know if'll be ther for you. lol :) surely i will.
7. I know my prime numbers.

Ahana Datta said...

25.Evil biyatch
26. evil biotch
31. lorl
36. I know both my primes and Fibonaccis :P:P
47. WBF!

Vasudha said...

hey rohan i got it nw (evn w/o d explanation in d end..lol.) it wuz a bit vague, bt still very nice :)