19 July 2008

The Last Mystery

Since this is the concluding entry, I wanted it to be special. So here goes.

Drona looked at his Mother. He could feel the fear in him trying to come out. It wanted to free itself; expand its cover over people and spread it’s black magic. It had convinced Drona to do what it desired. Drona lost himself to his fear, his guilt and his redemption.

“Mom, I am scared. Can I tell you something?”


It had been some time that Mohit hadn’t heard from his dad. It finally seemed that he had left, left them forever, so that they can live and rest in peace. Mohit had relived hat day many times. He had spent hours speculating what might be?

Mohit’s Mom entered his room.

“This letter came for you.”


Arika was standing at the room door. She was happier than ever. Nathan was being discharged today. Their life could now finally resume to normal. They could have their best friend time. She was on Cloud Infinitum…

Nathan looked at her. He was in a dilemma. Should he or should he not?

“Arika, I have to tell you something. Be brave enough to listen.”


“You did it!” exclaimed Drona’s dad when he heard the bitter truth.

“It was an accident, Dad,” said a sobbing Drona.

“I don’t know. I guess you’ll have to shift. Shift to some place far away.”

“But Dad, he has withdrawn the case….”

“I don’t care. I care about my son and I think it’s best if he’s safe.”


Mohit opened the yellowish white envelope. It had a letter pad sheet. He kept staring at the blank side for a long time. He knew who had sent it. He wanted to read. He wanted to know more. But something held him back. The fear of the unknown. Fear had actually spread. He turned the paper.


“What is it Nathan?”

“It’s about Drona,” he replied.

“Nathan, I know what you mean. I have been thinking about it myself. I believe its time when I should think about my future and myself. I can’t afford to cling on his back and move ahead. I have thought of parting. I don’t need him nor do I love him. This is rude but is true.”


“You’ll be joining a high school in Austin in Texas. I have talked to your uncle. You’ll be living with him. The session begins in August. There is time for visa and application. That is not a problem. Are you okay?”

“You are sending me away. I have lost all that I had. How can I be okay? I guess I don’t have a deal with fate or the Supreme. If this is for the best, I cant do anything.” replied a remorseful Drona.


Mohit turned the page. It was the insect like handwriting of his father. The letter was short but not sweet. It had only one word. The word that we use everyday. The word that means nothing to us but everything when it comes to fixing things gone wrong. It has lost it’s strength and it’s effect. It is just a combination of alphabets.



Nathan was in his car. He still hadn’t told Arika. It was the fear of truth; one that comes and test your character. His phone rang. It was Drona.



Drona narrated his tale to Nathan. He was sad for Drona. He had to pay a heavy price for his mistake. Nathan felt it was best to be deceptive and hide the truth. He had planned this before and there was no need to alter it. Drona had suffered enough. His departure though had to be told to others.


Drona was reflecting on his situation. Why was he the victim? Why was life so hard to live? Why is pain so powerful? Why isn’t sorrow short lived? He couldn’t find these answers in the books of literature or philosophy of the book of fate; they are all hidden in your mind and heart, waiting to be understood.

Drona was broken but was firm to go on. He must go on.


Mohit tore the page apart. Forgiveness cannot be given to those who may never learn. He had lost all trust and faith in that man. He was not his father. He was not anything of his. He was just a bad memory, a good one too as it helped Mohit to be what he ought to be. Mohit’s phone rang. He received the message of Drona’s departure.

Mohit went to his mom.

“It’s all over.”

There was time in Drona’s departure. Arika bid adieu to both, their relationship and to Drona. He was special. But not all special things can be with you. Mohit was sad that his best buddy was leaving. People always leave.[1] He had left a mark. He was going to leave a mark.

Arika set out on her self-discovery. She became everything she dreamt. She forgot Drona and Mohit. You don’t remember everyone in high school. People always learn to forget.

Mohit led a life of ease. He had nothing to fear or to lose. He had lost all his friends, his father and his identity. He was no longer the new kid. He was the brave kid. People always fight.

Nathan, the side character, was always there, to watch out for loopholes in the story, to fill dramatic ends, to be the magical wizard of emotions and to be the author himself. People are always there for you.


[1] One tree Hill


Ahana Datta said...

its like OC ending...lol....but the fact my WBF wrote it is just priceless.....i thot nathan was nathan...what made u change ur mind?!....so good bye...finally:(

Rohan Chawla said...

>> Ahana

Thnks......good bye to mystery welcome to much more....!

Vasudha said...

itz awesome...rly...