1 June 2008

The Mystery V

Mohit rushed to the landline. He dialed the numbers that were written on the paper before him. He didn’t know if he had wrongly punched some number, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to talk; hopefully to the person he had dialed.

“Hello” said Mohit

“Hello” replied a husky voice.

“Drona I am so sorry. The electricity just went out and I couldn’t reply.”

“You don’t need to. I understood how you felt, talking to a someone like me.”

“No. No. I am sure it was an accident. I am sure.”

-No Reply-

“I want to talk this out in person. Where can we meet now?”

-No Reply-

“You know what, I don’t like talking to myself.”

“Outside the hospital. In about an hour. Ok?”

“Perfect. I’ll be there…you don’t worry.”

“Like I have less to worry…”

Call Ended.

The police officer came out. He was wearing a sweet smile, even though they aren’t perceived as sweet people. He gave a nod cum smile to Nathan’s Parents and then moved out. He didn’t say anything.

Everyone rushed back into the room, everyone as in Arika, the parents and some weird family friend whose nose looked weirder.

“So do you remember anything?” asked Mommy.

“Ma..I don’t want to talk about it. At least as of now…”

“Sure, Honey.”

“So Arika, what all have I missed in school?”

“Oh…not much. School is so boring without you, but there is the new kid called Mohit. He is cool.”

“Ahh…So Drona isn’t taking good care of you eh? Keeping you bored is he?”

Seeing the topic of relationships come in between, the parents moved out. They felt the children or rather the best buddies should spend some quality time together. They cared about their son and didn’t want to leave him alone. The last thing they could think about right now was food, but there was no other place to go for either. In short, they were hungry but not heartless. And the weird nose guy went along too.

“Hey, you don’t say anything about my guy. Ok? He’s really a gem, though a mini-idiot. He isn’t very bad,” answered a possessive Arika.

“I know how good or bad he is,” replied Nathan

Whatever that is supposed to mean…

Mohit white lied to his Mom. He told her he was going to meet his friend, but he didn’t tell her where, when or how? He just said he had his cell phone, just in case. He rushed to the hospital, obviously not on his feet. He hailed an auto, bargained on the exorbitant price that the driver charged, and eventually negotiated on a price that was still a little higher than usual.

He reached the hospital, but Drona was nowhere to be seen. Had he ditched him, like life had sometime ago? Had he not considered him a good friend, like his destiny had ignored him? All these thoughts were circling in his mind like a cyclone, when he saw Drona walking up to him. He was looking at the ground; he didn’t have the courage to look up.

“Hey…you fine?”

“Do I look like fine?” shot back Drona.


“So why did you call me here?”

“Lets take a seat first.”

They sat on the bench in the hospital’s park. It was a weird place.

“It was an accident. I wasn’t drunk. I was just driving to the pharmacy. Nathan’s house comes on the way. I crossed the red light and it was a straight empty road. I was driving. The light was dim and flickering. You know what I mean. He was crossing the road from the divider in between. I didn’t see him and when I did I couldn’t press the breaks. I mean I tried but the car didn’t stop, it just accelerated. I think I was nervous, so ended up in wrong foot movement. I never liked Nathan but I did not hate him. I hope you understand.”

“What happened next?”

Drona took a deep breath.

“The car eventually stopped. I saw him lay there, in a pool of blood. He was badly hit, terribly. I couldn’t have taken him to the hospital. The police you know. I just reversed and ran. Drove so far off so that no one could ever find me. But it seems the truth will be out soon. It always does.”

“Drona…. I am so sorry. I believe you completely.”


Suddenly Drona’s cell phone rang. It was Arika calling. He picked it up.

“Are you ever going to come upstairs to meet Nathan or keep waiting here in the park?” taunted Arika.

“How’d you know?” asked Drona.

“You know, Nathan’s room has a window and it overlooks the park. And you can now look up to wave at me.”

They looked up. Drona was happy she hadn’t heard them.


Ahana said...

The plot thickens....ooohhhh

Vasudha said...

oh..i thot drona had tried 2 kill nathan deliberately...
well, i m very curious abt mohit's past..
gr8 going!