17 May 2008

A Tribute

The following is a tribute to a friend Kamin Pyaare as I fondly call him

Life for me was never easy, life as a teenager was even more difficult. I was never the one with many friends until now when about a quarter of the school knows me. Still, knowing people is different from being friends. Out of all the friends I made during that time there were a few that I can never forget or never regret making. One of these fine friends was K.

We were complete opposites and we still are. He loved football and I could barely kick; he had a low IQ (sorry!) and I developed a good one. He was the candy for girls and I well, was hardly on the map.

K and I got acquainted in eighth grade a time when I learnt so much. The reason for our friendship well lets keep it silent. There was something weird that we shared. I shared stuff I wouldn’t have told anyone (except for Millicent) and I do remember him telling me some of his. Out of the limited guy friends I had he was certainly an asset.

Life passed as it always does and we parted as well. Different classes and lets say development of different ideologies. He still invited me for his birthday and I made sure that I went. We might have spent lesser and lesser time together but our friendship stood unaffected.

Life moved on further, onto a level where we had to make choices for our life. We exercised this independently without even consulting each other. Life had a different meaning for us now and this friendship didn’t turn sour it just didn’t become very sweet and perfect. Ignorance was our top priority and all our old pacts and promises stood dead. I’d blame myself for much of the damage but let’s say you can’t clap with one hand.

Life just never wanted to stop. We reached a point of mutual indifference pretending with a smile whenever we met in the corridor. I think I made a mistake sometime; largely because of my increasing arrogance. But that mistake somehow turned things around for all of us. I had in my anger and glory blurted out all my aggression about K on a fine Bengali friend of mine. Now this Bengali wasn’t all that fine and he told K about my sincere thoughts in a very sincere way.

He confronted. We resolved. I apologized and life resumed to normal again.

Then life was at whatever pace and our friendship was at whatever stage, we were back to good old buddies, at least I hope so. We may not talk as much as we ever did or had fun moments together, but he still stands as one of my greatest friends…..

Cheers To Kamin Pyarre...!!! ;) ;)

If Life was a B****h........Good Friends are the Rabies Vaccine....!


Ahana said...

A well written tribute......hopefully the tribut-ee will like it...

vasudha said...

who IS this guy???

Rohan Chawla said...

Yaar..if i wanted to tell....i would have taken his name....anywayz...keep guessing..!

Vasudha said...

gawd...i hv no clue..