28 May 2008

The Mystery III

Days passed by with no significant change. Lives went on like always. Tests came in like always. School systems don’t understand what children are going through. They don’t understand that the complexities of space and time are way less than the complexities of the teenager. A teen might be able to differentiate a function, but he might get stuck when it comes to the choice of good and bad. That of course, is a one-sided opinion.

Anyways, the Mathematics test was announced for next Monday. A manageable syllabus wherein an average child could score full marks. But you know children; they always create mountains out of molehills. The test paper is always tough; the teacher is always cruel; the time always less and syllabus to large. In case of Drona, exponentiate[1] the above to the power of 1000.

D-Day arrived eventually. Everyone was running here and there looking for pencils they might have lost and now that they needed them, thought they could claim them. Some of them were running out of the school stationery shop in such a hurry, as if they were going to miss some train or more like a free meal in the canteen. TRINGGGGGG

The paper began. Time: One Hour. Max. Marks: As much as you can manage.

Mohit stared at the question sheet. He knew all of them. He’d practiced them all. His concept was clear. He was going top. He rushed through the paper and finished it in record time. There was no test so easy or no solutions so direct. Why are the others taking so much time? he thought to himself.

He looked at Arika. She was there still scribbling, trying to find the solution desperately. She had been so tensed lately she couldn’t concentrate. She knew she was going to mess it all up, yet she tried her best. It was as if she was hoping that if she cleared this, maybe Nathan would return. She could do anything imaginable for his return. Even that.

Mohit then swung his head to his partner. He was stuck on the last question. 6 marks. Do or die. Strange enough, Drona had written his answer before he’d actually done the question. He had mugged up all the answers from the textbooks, but it seems the early sleep caused him to forget all the procedures. Rot you rote learner Mohit thought.

Then the strangest of things happened. Drona looked up from his paper, made sure no one was watching and folded his hands together and begged (with the help of a sorry expression) to Mohit to give him the answer, more so the procedure.

“No” that simple a reply came from Mohit

“Please” whispered Drona

Sometimes we don’t control ourselves and don’t realize when we cross the line. Drona wasn’t the kinds who’d ever ask for help and Mohit was the idealist, never to cheat. Mohit didn’t pity Drona nor did he have to make much of an effort to persuade Mohit. Something weird happened; I think it happens to all of us. Lets call it-Occasional burst of Kindness and Bowing.

“Ok. Change the LHS to…” and Mohit went on and on till they had reached the answer Drona had pre-determined. Mohit was very careful, he spoke very softly and made movements that would not invite anyone to suspect him. he would sometimes drop an eraser, bend down to pick it up and discreetly leak out the next step.

TRIINNGGGGGGG. The paper was over. The same hustle and bustle that was in the beginning resumed. Everyone rushed to the teacher to submit his or her paper. Mohit and Drona went together, with peace and calmness on their faces and nervousness bursting inside. They handed the paper to the teacher. Nothing happened, she hadn’t noticed.

After the crowd descended, Arika rushed to Drona’s desk.

“ How did it go?” she questioned

“ This guy right sitting next to me is my official best friend,” said Drona.

“ Did you ever ask me if I wanted that position?” mocked Mohit.

“ Like you have much of a choice, Mohit” smiled Arika.

Burst of laughter.

“ Ok give me your numbers and ids so that I can keep in touch with you guys, if you don’t mind.”

“ We never mind. Take them down.” Said Drona.

It was like the test had tested their capabilities of becoming each other’s friends. It seemed successful. The test had brought them closer. They felt like a trio. Like a group. Like they have been best friends forever.

Suddenly there was an announcement on the speaker that called for Arika to the office. It seemed strange. Soon she returned smiling than ever before.

She came to Mohit and Drona and asked both of them to get up. She hugged each of them so tight as if she was squeezing a lemon for some lemonade. Then she finally stopped smiling and spoke up:

“ Nathan has come out of coma. He’s awake. I am so happy!!!!!!!”

Mohit inquired about Nathan. He soon understood the deep connection that the Arika and Nathan shared. Drona faked a smile. He wasn’t very pleased. He was worried and tensed. It was the return of the same feeling. Even worse than before. If only he hadn’t recovered….

[1] It’s not a word but I hope you get the meaning

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Digveer said...

a sneaking suspicion that this guy mohit is an extended meatphor for you!
nice, budding writer and helper of fellow beings *sniff*!