17 May 2008

The Mystery-I

One of the most fascinating things in life is the bond of friendship. A strange link between two individuals that allows them to care and worry about the other without actually being in love and also criticize and improve without being enemies at all. Friendship is not just about laughing, giggling and spending some precious moments in school or college or in your locality; it is about understanding each other, knowing each other and most of all being there for each other…
I might be a weird person and think the world is weird, but there is an element of friendship that I have experienced and strangely like it. It’s about hiding from so-called friends by confiding in a person, who you call friend but isn’t really your friend socially. Such confessions and such truths are shared not face to face but usually over media like net and phone. You might think i am talking about cyber-friendship…well it could be.
I won’t say I am the Agony Uncle here. I am also one of those who enjoy remaining invisible under the cloak of a secret-keeper. All of us stand on either side of the connection sometime or the other.
Here’s a story…. hope you like it…
“ Welcome all to your first day at Identity High School.” announced the principal. The hall was filled with so many young aspiring students each having a beautiful dream twinkling in their eyes. They had gathered at the most prestigious, most reputed and the most sought after high school in the whole country. They were as they said the most privileged ones of the lot. The principal continued to speak for a long while.
“I hope you’ll like your stay here, which you would as long as you obey the rules. Your class lists are have been pinned up and you may now resume to your classrooms.”
By the time Mohit reached his classroom, it was almost full. Everyone was sitting with their pals and gals and if it was possible then Mohit could well have been sitting on a single desk, since he was new not only to the city, but to a life as well.
Mohit walked till the third aisle and found an empty seat next to a well built man. Yes he was more of a man than of a boy. Out of lack of choice, he seated himself there.
“Hey” said the ass.
He seemed least interested in talking to Mohit. There were girls busy hogging on him. To his relief, they weren’t snogging.
“You’ll see more of these, as long as you are here. I am Drona.”
“Why don’t they sit with you permanently? I am Mohit.”
The class teacher entered immediately.
“ Good Morning to all”
There was a semi-chorus, more noise-creating reply. The teacher was young and looked very talented. She might not have had much of experience but she sure looked like she knew her field.
“Ahmmm… Ma’am can I come in?” said a sweet girl standing at the door.
“ No you may not. You are late and you might as well stay out.”
The girl kept standing.
“Why isn’t she letting her in? What’s her problem?” said an irritated Drona
“ Why are you so worried?” introspected Mohit.
“ She is my girlfriend you fool.”
Mohit responded with an expression of whatever and irritation. It ahd been less than 5 minutes since they had shared a desk and he couldn’t tolerate him any more.
“Miss. Arika would you please leave and not disturb the class any further.”
“Ma’am please!!!!!” begged Arika.
“ Ok, but at a condition. You shall sit here in front of the teacher’s desk through out the first semester. There is no argument on that yes or no.”
“ Ok Ma’am.” Arika entered the class and made herself comfortable at the first desk even though she didn’t look comfortable at all.
“Is she a fool? She was supposed to sit here. What the hell?” moaned Drona. Mohit got the answer to his question.
“These seats are now confirmed and fixed like Fevi-quick. There is absolutely no change, at least till the first semester is over. Is that okay with you Mr. Drona?” The teacher had apparently heard Drona’s moaning and crying. The question brought a slight smile on the face of Mohit.
“Very well then. Let’s begin with today’s lesson………..”
Arika gave Drona an apologetic smile and hoped everything was fine. She made an awkward face at Mohit, showing her utmost dislike. Drona opened his notebook and starting working. Life had resumed just that it was no longer the same.
The world is a strange place and so are lives of teenagers. The connection and the bond people develop unknowingly seem to affect their lives in a great way.
Drona looked at Mohit and thought-he doesn’t know me, he doesn’t know anyone; maybe he can help me; maybe he can keep my secret. Maybe…
Mohit looked at Arika: Maybe she’s the one, the one who could look inside him and burn the pain that had murdered him so long. Maybe she could be the one who would help him start his new life.
As for Arika, well she was missing someone. She felt the class was empty as it could be. Her best friend was gone…. gone forever.
Tears were rolling down the eyes of the Hearts…

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arunav said...

great stuff yaar. keep it up and u'll give vir sanghvi a run for his money!!!