17 February 2008

My Little Manhattan

All normal people have emotions and there own way of responding to situations. There are people who are very serious and people who are very casual and also a few who lie in between. Some laugh all the time, some crib all the time and some don't respond. However, there is one feeling that captures everyone-Geeks, Idiots, Losers, Celebrities and every other being belonging to the biological nomenclature. I think you understand what I am speaking of-it's Love. Love is indeed one funny feeling. It kills, it revives, it creates and destroys-for me it's bliss.

I encountered Love for the first time when I was in school. Probably it's the same time we all fall in Love. The strange thing is, at this age we don't know what Love is or how it feels like, we just get carried away, which is perhaps one of Love's magical power. Valentines Day in school is like the day when you are required to be spotted arm in arm with a person of the opposite sex (Apologies to all offended). Friendship sometimes gets mistaken for love and a glare as staring. A gesture as a move and a smile as a proposal for a relationship.

My first love was with someone who I thought was born crazy. I loathed her and her bizarre attitude until Cupid went on a hunt for Rohan Chawla. He aimed his arrow at my butt and I got infatuated. She looked pretty in that white saree, in fact pretty is an understatement. She looked gorgeous, magical, as if she had transcended from heaven.

Unable to control the urge, I told my friends. Critics, as I had expected, they were. Someone said she was manly, someone said she was foolish to the highest order and the rumors about her past were the icing on the cake of her limitations. I closed my eyes to all this and I could see her image in front of me. Her smile and outspoken attitude flattered me. I kept looking at her until of course the teacher entered the class. I looked at her in the way she portrayed herself to me.

Infatuation turned to liking. I needed excuses to enter her class. I really thank her classmates for helping me whenever possible. In this course of hide and seek there were two developments- I made friends for life and She came to know. It was maybe because her friends were more faithful to her and my open gestures of liking a girl were more than obvious.

It was too coincidental that she didn't turn out to be some super angry witch of the west. She was sweet and understood my feelings. She was happy that someone liked her. She asked for friendship and I accepted it with open hands (not arms as yet).

Liking turned to Love. Like the lyrics of many Bollywood numbers, I felt very happy. Everything changed and there was always something to look forward to. Life was filled with the energy of Love. Thanks To Cupid, my boring and mundane life turned into a fascinating fairy tale. As one of my good friends said- Your Love story is traveling at the speed of light. Indeed it was.

All Good things come to an end but this one wasn't meant to. It was time to say goodbye. It was farewell. I got a hug. I confessed to her. I gifted chocolates. I was elated. As I look back at what happened today, I am not very sad. As I type this, I do Love her and she will always enjoy a soft corner in my heart. As the painful sweep of time continues, what will remain is the fact that she was the first and hopefully lucky one. We may have parted now, but remain closely connected, if not in this realm maybe another. Irrespective of that, she will always be transferred to my children in the form of a well-remembered memory.

I know she is fine and good going. And yeh, I don't remember mentioning- She was a senior.


Vasudha said...

now i knw y u were so xcited abt this...itz a rly, rly well ritten piece...anybody wud njoy reading this, irrespective of whether they knw the background or not..
btw i dint know u had such strong feelings...i thot it wuz jst a regular teenage crush. hmm..m gonna hv a discussion with u abt 'luv' in skool 2mrrw..
keep riting..u rock :)

Rohan Chawla said...

thnk u so much vasudha....!! itz so nice of u to hav read it immediately...she was a crush bt den it all jus...u knw...

i'd love to tlk abt luv...lol..c ya tom..

Thnxz Agn...!

sd said...

Love .... even if reciprocated with just friendship ... is a good feeling... atleast for some time..

PS. i am a teenager as well

Rohan Chawla said...

Love. Hehe. Miss those days. I barely have a few months of teenage left!